GA4 Migrator Tool

Migrate to Google Analytics 4 from Universal Analytics easily with our free tool!

What does the GA4 Migrator do?

GA4 migrator uses the Google Tag Manager API to automate migrations from GA3 to GA4.The tool creates a new GTM workspace and then convert GA3 tags to GA4 tags, using existing triggers.

With this new workspace, you can review all changes before publishing.

In order to use the GA4Migrator it will ask you to grant reading and writing permissions to your GTM account, this is required so we can create the new workspace. The tool does not publish changes, this is done by you the user.

The tool requests access to your GA4 accounts inorder to allows you to select your Account ID (e.g. G-XXXXX). You will need to manually add custom definitions for event_category, event_action, event_label inot GA4 settings after the migration process has completed. We plan to automate this step in a future release.

To summarise. The has this seven-step process:

  1. Copy all UA tags to GA4
  2. Rename events from UA style (event_action, event_category, event_label) to GA4 (only event_name) following Google best practices
  3. Save all triggers and all tags settings (once per page settings and so on)
  4. Create a separate Workspace so you can review everything before publishing
  5. Copy all custom dimensions
  6. Copy content groups settings
  7. Added GTM template and variable to ecommerce dataLayer mapping from UA to GA4

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